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EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT OUR approach to teaching and the values we stand by.

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Above all else we value...

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We teach music students how to find their own voice and reach their creative potential through expert music lessons in Canberra.



We see 'learning' as a process of discovery wherein students are given the opportunity to find the knowledge they seek through exploration and experimentation in the presence of expert guidance. 

We see 'practice' as the key ingredient of mastery, a journey of personal growth and fulfillment leading to competence, confidence and the realisation of potential.

We see 'playing' as a means of being genuinely creative and the ultimate vehicle for expressing our thoughts and feelings, connecting with others and really enjoying life. 

A large percentage of music education involves encouraging students to explore and discover the nature of music for themselves through play and practice. Without this, a student never really develops the ability to be creative and express themself musically, which is the entire goal and the only reason we'd want them to become a master of their instrument.


Our unique approach


At Fretvision, we don’t just teach music, we teach people. People succeed at music when they practice. They practice because they are dedicated. Their dedication is strengthened when they are given clear, achievable goals and when they are supported by people who care about their success.

As teachers, we succeed when our students begin to see themselves as musicians, imagining one day they’ll be able to play just like their favourite artists. We teach kids  fundamentals in the context of the music that inspires them by breaking down long term goals into small, achievable steps.

We give our students opportunities to perform, hear others play and to experience the positive role model of a teacher who excels at their instrument. Some of our students achieve great success in music. Others find it a positive outlet, pastime, or experience which adds value to their life. We are happy either way.

It is our goal to teach every student how to learn, practice and play the music they love in the shortest time possible while having the most fun doing it.

Learning music is one of the best ways to keep your brain active and grow connections that help every aspect of brain function.

curriculum Overview

Each lesson follows a set format but still leaves room to cater for individual needs.

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Lesson Structure

Our lessons are broken into 5 main parts:

  1. Review of homework from the week before. (Reward points awarded).

  2. Warmups and games to get your body parts moving correctly.

  3. Study and practice of scales, theory and technique.

  4. Working through songs that you are learning.

  5. Setting homework for the following week.


Books and Sheets

We provide all of the books you'll need when learning with us. If you're signed up for the Premium Plan, they be free. If your on the Standard Plan, you'll get the first one free and will then have to pay for all the rest as you need them.

All of the sheet music, diagrams, TAB sheets, chord charts and practice sheets are provided free of charge.

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Practicing and Reward Points

Practice is an essential part of learning to play an instrument. They say "practice makes perfect" but really it's "what you practice becomes habit". If you don't practice, you'll never feel comfortable and confident with your instrument. Teaching students how to practice correctly is something our tutors pay particular attention to.

While practice is important, just attending weekly lessons is also enough to make lasting positive changes in the brain and enrich a student's life. So if your schedule doesn't allow for a lot of practice, don't worry, it's still worth attending lessons.