frequently asked questions

Let us answer any uncertainties you may have regarding lessons


What happens if I miss a lesson?

We require at least 24hrs notice to cancel and reschedule a lesson for any reason. Less notice than this will result in loss of the lesson.

To cancel a lesson, use the email reminder you received for the lesson. It gives you the option to cancel or reschedule the lesson.

Notice can also be sent via email, text message or phone. If you get an answering machine, just leave us a message, we check it daily.


Can I reschedule lessons once booked?

You can reschedule a lesson using the reminder email you received for the lesson. Lessons can be rescheduled to any other open time slot your teacher has available. Again, this may only be done 24hrs before the lesson. Also use the reminder email to log in and see all upcoming lessons which you can reschedule as needed.


What do I need to do to quit lessons?

You are able to terminate lessons at any time, you are not locked into a term period.

Two weeks notice is all that is required before terminating.

In order to give notice and terminate lessons, use the Lessons Termination Form.


What if I, or my child would like to try another instrument?

It is quite normal for students to become curious and interested in trying out other instruments.

We can offer you another free trial lesson with the each new instrument.


How much will it cost?

While we do our best to keep our prices as competitive as possible, we’re guessing you’d rather quality over quantity.

Lessons are charged fortnightly and the fee is dependant upon how often you come.

BASIC - $70 per fortnight ($42 per lesson) lessons during school terms only. Half hour per week.

STANDARD - $80 per fortnight ($40 per lesson) lessons all year round. Half hour per week or one hour per fortnight.

PREMIUM - $152 per fortnight ($38 per lesson equivalent) lessons all year round. One hour per week.


How do I pay the fees?

All fees are collected fortnightly by Direct Debit through EZYPAY.

You will be emailed a link to registration for payment after your trial lesson. You can also use  our pricing page.


Can we quit at any time?

There is no need to stress about being locked into a contract or term period once paid for, you can quit at any time. All we require is two weeks written notice by email or fill out our Lesson Termination Form.


What if we go away on holidays?

We all need to take a break from our hectic schedules at times. If you know you’ll be away for more than two weeks, but less than a term, we can easily put your payments on hold and you, or your child, won’t lose your position with your teacher. Just fill out the Tuition Suspension Form.


What is the best age to start?

We start students as young as 6yrs old or year one. We don't currently teach kindergarten kids.


Can two students learn at the same time?

Two friends or family members can certainly learn at the same time with the same teacher. The only downfall is that the two students don't always learn at the same rate and this can become frustrating for everyone involved.

Another solution is to come fortnightly and alternate the two students each week.

A better solution for siblings is to book them in at the same time but with different teachers where available times exist.


What if I, or my child has no experience?

Don't worry! We take students of all levels. Our teachers are patient and supportive, and we have a finely tuned curriculum that helps beginners achieve confidence and competence.


Does my child need their my own instrument?

No. You can hire one from us for $5 per week. This is a great option for beginners. It is recommended that at some point you buy your own instrument. We do sell instruments at our studio in Mitchell. Otherwise you can go to Better Music in Phillip or Pro Audio in Fyshwick.


How much should I practice each week?

A student's progress really depends on how much they practice. People can only succeed at music when they practice.

It is important to commit to a regular practice schedule and make a habit of it. Five to ten minutes a day a few times a week is all that is needed to get started.

As you get better, you’ll want to practice a bit more, this will help you progress faster and get more enjoyment from the instrument.

Your commitment to practice will be strengthened when your goals are motivating and achievable, and when they are supported by others who care about your success.

Practice should never become a chore or dreaded task each week. Nagging kids to practice will only make matters worse and cause them to want to give up. If you are having trouble getting your child to practice routinely, check out our practice page for tips and ideas.


How long will it take to get good?

With practice, you can be playing your first song in the first week of lessons! Our proven curriculum and professional teachers will give you all the tools you need to progress, but after that your progress really depends on how much you practice. Most of our students who practice at least three times per week can play a song by heart in front of other people within 10 weeks. Of course, you can never completely master an instrument, there are always new skills, songs, and techniques to master.


What if I, or my child finds it too hard?

At times a student is guaranteed to find the learning process difficult. There are three golden rules to apply that will handle most problems:

Slow it down

Break it down

Play it again and again

Go to our practice page for more details...


What if my child never practices?

This is one of the most common complaints from parents and is totally normal. Children will go through cycles of being very interested in something and then getting bored with it.

Learning an instrument takes time, dedication and patience. If you encourage your child to stick at it, give them praise for practicing and refrain from reprimanding them when they don’t practice, they will eventually show interest once again. As their ability increases, so too will their enjoyment of music, and their desire to play will increase.

Research has shown that even if a child NEVER practices at home, just that one lesson each week is enough exposure to music to make positive lasting changes in their brain.