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yes, No upfront term fees - just choose from one oF our easy FORTNIGHTLY payment plans




You will be signing up to pay a fortnightly fee through our direct debit billing company, Ezypay. Customers have been very happy with Ezypay so far with no hassles or dramas to speak of.

You may have had  bad experiences with direct debit in the past but we can assure you this time will be different. We remain in complete control the whole time and can stop, pause or refund payments easily.

The fee per term for the Standard Plan is $408 but is charged fortnightly over 12 weeks. You will be charged $68 every 2 weeks including one payment over the school holidays.

The reason we charge 6 payments of $68 instead of 5 payments of $40.80 is to allow billing to remain continuous throughout the year rather than having to stop all payments over each holiday period. Payments do cease however, at the end of each year, for 4 weeks until the Friday before the beginning of first term.

When signing up to the Premium Plan, you will receive a total of 48 x 30 min lessons  per year



If you have two family members attending lessons, you will receive a 5% discount off the payment plan for both students. Click here to select Sibling Standard or Sibling Premium



Only $10 per fortnight to hire an instrument. This fee is added to your regular fortnightly payment.