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Why Guitar Pro?


We use it because it’s simply the best tool on the market!

But why do we think it’s so good? Let us explain…

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When using this software to practice a song, lick or exercise, the teacher (or student) can set the playback speed to where the student will make the most progress. This speed is always a lot slower than what the student thinks it should be!

Playing very slowly allows the student to really notice mistakes as they arise and target problem areas. It also gives them the time and awareness to ensure they are actually playing the piece correctly.

Trying to play too fast, too soon, is one of the major hurdles to overcome when learning a new technique or a new song. We’ve found that students using Guitar Pro are far happier to play along at very slow speeds where in the past, they would struggle to slow down or or even understand what “play it slower” actually means.

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The next stumbling block and area where students often struggle is in doing enough reps. It takes thousands of repetitions to encode a skill in the brain and unless a student is able to stick at it and repeat a passage as often as is necessary to master it, they will not make progress and will not enjoy practicing.

Through music study, students learn the value of sustained effort to achieve excellence and the concrete rewards of hard work but this takes reps, reps, reps!

Using the loop function, a selected passage can be targeted, slowed down and repeated over and over. We find that students are likely to repeat what they are learning 10 - 50 times more often using Guitar Pro than when practicing on their own with just a book. It’s not only more fun but more educational.

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Using the “Progressive Speed” trainer in this software, a student can slow down a passage they are learning to a percentage of the original speed to where they can actually play it without error and then set a target speed they’d like to aim at. With each pass through (or a set number of passes) the passage can increase in speed by a percentage the student determines. The student then finds out where they can no longer play comfortably. Over days and weeks of doing this, they will discover that their speed and ability increase, and they’ll know exactly by what percentage they have improved, giving them realistic, solid feedback!

This is the final factor that makes the difference between a student who is making great progress and one that is progressing slowly: having have a tangible, concrete method to measure their progress, set goals and see they are achieving them!


Other reasons for using Guitar Pro

  • It can be used for learning more than just guitar. The above features can be learned utilised with any instrument.

  • There is also a built-in guitar fretboard and piano keyboard visualiser to show where the music is on the actual instrument.

  • Students can use Guitar Pro to compose and write their own music or even edit the music they are learning.

  • No need to keep stacks of printouts that seem to always get lost - think of the trees we can save!


download the software here…


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setting up the software

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  5. GP Files will be shared through dropbox


Setting up your Dropbox Account.

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 How to use guitar pro


Download a pdf copy of the user guide

you can check out all the keyboard shortcuts here!

The following videos will you help get started and fully utilise the software.


Guitar Pro 6 tutorials

While these tutorials have been made for Guitar Pro 6, they still apply to Guitar Pro 7.5!